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For your convenience, you may access the current and past issues of our monthly estate planning email newsletter:

  • Estate Planning Elements (January 2016)
    We all know "estate planning" is important, right? But what are the fundamental elements of a comprehensive estate plan? It is always prudent to know the scope and sequence before embarking on any significant project. Estate planning is no exception.
  • Businesses, Families & Your Estate (December 2015)
    Family businesses are the economic backbone of the country and of the families who own them. If you want your family business to survive you and not be the source of family conflict, then careful estate planning is essential.
  • The Top Five Things to Know About Living Trusts (November 2015)
    The Revocable Living Trust is an estate planning mainstay, especially for people who want to avoid probate. Often misunderstood and somewhat shrouded in mystery, we review (and demystify) the top five things you should know about Revocable Living Trusts.
  • Great Planning Begins at Home (October 2015)
    Home. The very word evokes memories and stirs the emotions associated with them. Whether you are considering the transfer or sale of your home now, or the transfer of it as part of your estate, careful planning is required.
  • Blended Family Basics (September 2015)
    While blended families are common today, so are the unique estate planning challenges they present for all concerned. Careful estate planning is required to help ensure that certain parties are intentionally disinherited, while other parties are not unintentionally disinherited.
  • Medicare, Medicaid and More (August 2015)
    Retirement is a new chapter in your life. Many things are in transition, to include making sure you have a handle on your health care options. Now is the time to get your health insurance ducks in a row.
  • Who Me? A Fiduciary? (July 2015)
    What is a “fiduciary” when it comes to estate planning? If you have been appointed to serve as one, then now is the time to find out your responsibilities (and potential liabilities) before it is too late.
  • A Long-Term Care (insurance) Primer (June 2015)
    No one wants to think about wearing out mentally, physically or both. But it is a reality. What plans have you made for your long-term care? What plans have you made to pay for it? Hope is not a strategy.
  • Estate Planning Hazards (May 2015)
    Road hazards can be easy to avoid, if you know where they are. Whether on the road or in your estate plan, two potential hazards to identify and avoid are common mistakes made when planning for beneficiary designations and joint ownership.
  • Crucial Coordination (April 2015)
    Many things in life require attention to detail and sequence to get the desired result, whether making a double play or creme brulee. So it is with coordinating your estate plan with your retirement plan and your long-term care plan.
  • No Federal Estate Tax, No Problem? (March 2015)
    The non-tax issues of estate planning cut to the very heart of our lives, work and families. Regardless of whether you may or may not incur a federal estate tax liability, issues of personal dignity, family conflict and your life's legacy are fundamental to proper estate planning.
  • Sweetheart Wills (February 2015)
    Are you married? Have you considered creating an estate plan to provide for your spouse if something untoward happened to you? Perhaps it is time for you and your beloved to make matching "sweetheart wills" to legally reflect your intentions.

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