Checklists and Questionnaires

  • 10 Things You Should Do To Get Your Estate Plan In Order
    This document provides a brief review of the most important items to check off your estate planning list.
  • Executor's Checklist
  • Estate Planning Checklist
    Review the following statements to see if you need an updated estate plan. Use the checklist below to identify any "holes" in your current documents or planning. Remember, estate plans can and often become out‐of‐date.
  • Health Care Questionnaire
    The following questions can help start the critical conversation about end of life issues with your loved one. Ask your loved one to fill it out based on their wishes or you can go over it and fill it out with them. This quiz will likely open up the door to even more conversations and help you get to the bottom of your loved ones end of life wishes.
  • Personal and Financial Questionnaire
    All information contained in this form is confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege.

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